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Lunch Dates for Midlife Singles

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There’s a lot of pressure with first dates when you’re a midlife single, especially if it’s your first date in a long time. Lunch dates are great because (much like a coffee date) the end time is pretty much determined in advance. This makes it easy to exit without awkwardness or excuses.

Another benefit is cost. If you’re unsure whether or not you’ll hit it off with someone, lunch is lighter on the budget than dinner followed by drinks and dessert. What’s more, the tone of the date is lighter and less serious so you’re less apt to be nervous for lunch dates.

You can always arrange your own lunch dates, of course, or you can opt to go with a service. Arguably the most popular service is It’s Just Lunch, which has been in business over twenty years.

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Tips For Jumping Into The World Of Online Dating

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There are a couple of dating business models I really like. One is called “It’s Just Lunch.” The site sets up a dozen lunch-date meetings. You chat over a delicious lunch and then say goodbye. If you like each other, you proceed. If not, it’s just lunch. Another model I like is the one where people are seated at a round-table dinner. Every 10 minutes people switch chairs so they are seated next to a different person. In one evening you have the opportunity to meet 10 or 12 different possible candidates for dating. It’s time effective.

When it comes to dating, online or in person, luck is involved. I know wealthy single people who paid exorbitant matchmaking fees and got no results. On the other hand, I know folks who used free dating sites and found their match. I think the key is to follow your own intuition about the most comfortable model to use and stay in action mode. When it’s no longer comfortable–stop. Explore other avenues. Don’t remain stagnant–keep trying!

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How to Date a Crazy-Busy Woman

Men's HealthHaving dinner at home alone again? Blame her boss. Women are more likely than men to cancel dates because of work-related issues, according to a new survey by It’s Just Lunch, a personalized dating service for busy professionals.

In the survey, ladies admitted that they “always make time for dates” only 36 percent the time, compared to 50 percent of men. But that doesn’t mean that the foxy CPA is more psyched about tax brackets than cocktails with you. “Single women are more focused on their careers than their personal life,” says Irene LaCota, spokeswoman for It’s Just Lunch. “They have worked hard to obtain high-level positions and don’t want to lose this status.”

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Jockstrip: The world as we know it.

UPI.comIt’s Just Lunch asked more than 4,300 U.S. single men and women a series of questions regarding how they view dating issues related to work.

Forty-five percent of women said they like to talk about work to start a conversation on a date, compared with 30 percent of men.

Fifty-five percent of men said business discussion was interesting from time to time, but they preferred to discuss other things, while 11 percent of men and 7 percent of women said when work day was over, they preferred to forget about it and talk about anything else.

The survey also found: women preferred to date a business executive; men preferred a medical professional; more women preferred to not date someone who works in their office; women were less likely to date a client and the ideal first date was a drink after work.

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More singles turn to matchmakers for personal touch

USA TodayPersonal matchmakers certainly aren’t the only way to find a mate. Dating websites remain popular, and there are national matchmaking services such as It’s Just Lunch.

But several factors could be contributing to personal matchmakers’ popularity, said Lisa Clampitt, who co-founded The Matchmaking Institute.

Higher divorce rates mean more people are single. Newly divorced people might feel like they need coaching after being out of the dating scene for several years. And some people tire of the bar scene and online dating and want more personal help, she said.

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More Men Prioritize Dating Over Work

The Daily MealFifty percent of U.S. men versus 36 percent of women say they would choose a date over work, a survey for the specialty dating service It’s Just Lunch said.

It’s Just Lunch asked more than 4,300 U.S. single men and women a series of questions regarding how they view dating issues related to work.

Forty-one percent of the women said work and dating held near equal importance in their lives and they made time for both.

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No Job? No Date for You!

TimeWhen asked in the It’s Just Lunch survey, “Would you go out on a date with someone whom you knew was unemployed?” one-third of women responded with a flat “No.” A larger percentage (42%) gave “Maybe” as an answer with the stipulation, “I wouldn’t want to throw a lot of time into it unless they had a game plan for getting back on track.” Men were asked the same question, and roughly two-thirds said they’d be up for dating someone who was unemployed: 19% said they had no reservations whatsoever about going out with a woman without a job, and another 46% said they’d date an unemployed women but were interested in finding out how they spent their time not working.

An It’s Just Lunch spokesperson reads these numbers as an indication that “women’s old-fashioned beliefs about sex roles seem to apply,” and that men are more desirable if they have jobs and are good providers.

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What Your Drink Order Says About You on a Date

The Daily MealAccording to many dating and relationships experts, it says a lot. Whether it’s beer, champagne, a mixed drink, or wine, the drink you order can indicate to the person across the bar (or table) your personality and the attributes you’re looking for in a significant other. “More important than what you actually order, most telling is whether you know what you want,” says Janice Christopher, a relationship and dating mentor (and the voice behind What’s Ideal For You). “In a drink or in a relationship, knowing the elements that are perfect for you is key to stealth-dating for success. If you can go to the bartender and say ‘I’d like an extra dry dirty martini with citron vodka and three habanero-stuffed olives, shaken not stirred,’ you probably know the qualities and characteristics you are looking for in your Mr. Right.”

The biggest tip we heard over and over: be conscious of your surroundings. And we don’t just mean watching for someone grabbing your drink. Be aware of the kind of bar or restaurant you’re at, and drink accordingly — nothing says high maintenance like a glass of champagne at a dive bar.

As on any first date, it’s important to make the date one to remember, and that means transforming your “casual beer” into a meaningful experience. How to do that? “Something [that's] really nice when two people are drinking the same thing, [is] when one of the people wants to try what the other is having, or they ask ‘what would you like to drink?’” says Fran Greene, the former “Flirting Director” for and the author of The Flirting Bible. “It’s a way to be connected to someone.” Another pointer? “I always recommend on first dates that people order a drink that will take a little bit longer to drink,” says Irene LaCota, from the matchmaking website It’s Just Lunch. “Since both parties are often a little nervous and might have the tendency to sip on their drink more frequently, you want a drink that can’t be consumed in three sips.”

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Dating Dealbreakers

In an article posted on on September 12th, author Kait Smith discusses “3 Modern Day Deal Breakers”. The post references an it’s Just Lunch survey that interviewed over 1600 people. Respondents were asked whether income, education and career matter when seeking a partner. Questions were specific to work, education and money. Smith argues the results show that some women are still looking for protectors and times have not changed as much as we might think.

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Dinner, Lunch, or Coffee, It All Means Something

PlosOne Open Source Peer ReviewOkay, we admit it, lunch could lead to . . . something.

The Cornell University research article published in Plos One titled “It’s Not Just Lunch: Extra-Pair Commensality Can Trigger Sexual Jealousy” finds that “people are evolved to recognize that eating together tends to involve, or perhaps lead to, something more than food.”

The study included 76 participants and was produced by the Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management at Cornell University. Authors Professor Brian Wansink and Kevin M. Kniffin discovered that meals with the opposite sex consistently elicit more jealousy from significant others than face-to-face interactions.

It’s not necessarily any situation where food is shared that elicits jealousy though. It’s the time you congregate and what you consume that counts. For instance, morning coffee is innocuous vs an evening meal, which is seen as more of an intimate interaction. Instinctively many of us are already aware of this and for It’s Just Lunch the nuances of this interaction are an art form. In fact we were delighted to see the topic under scrutiny. We encourage you to check out the article for an interesting perspective on what time, place and type of food can indicate.

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  • 17%: The chance of liking a date set up by a friend.

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  • 110 Million: The number of single adults in the United States.

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  • 76% of Men: Prefer brunettes over blondes.

  • 43% of Singles: Have Googled someone on the internet before their date.

  • 76% of Men: Prefer brunettes over blondes.

  • Top Conversation Killers: Past relationships—49%, dieting or body image—21%, politics—15% and marriage—15%

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